Tucker White

Dr. Sirota is a miracle worker! I have had chronic lower back pain and knee and heel pain for years but never thought they were connected. But Dr. Sirota showed me that my lower back pain was caused by my bad posture from my sore knees and feet.After scanning my feet Dr. Sirota prescribed me a pair of triple arch orthotic inserts for my shoes to help support my arches and after a week my pain was almost gone! Taking advantage of his offer on groupon.com I received three re-alignments on three visits over the course of three weeks for only $90 and my back AND knee and arch pain are all gone! I used to wake up every morning with a sore back and think it was because of my mattress, I would never have guessed that it was because of poor posture caused by my arches. I’ve been to a few other chiropractors before but none of them did anything but give me an alignment. Dr. Sirota explained to me every detail of my situation not only in person but also in his chiropractically speaking videos on his website drsirota.com which honestly is the reason I felt confident in choosing Dr. Sirota in the first place. I’m a 21year old rugby playing senior in college and I felt that I was too young to be having pain like this already. The orthotic inserts that Dr. Sirota prescribed me fit right into my cleats so I can wear them in games and they fit in my boots so I can wear them at work. I plan on getting another alignment or two before I go back to school this fall because with every treatment I feel like I’m standing taller and straighter thanks to Dr. Sirota.

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