Dr. Sirota is an exceptionally gifted Chiropractor Get Immediate Pain Relief From neck & back pain; auto-work-sports injuries,, foot and ankle pain.Let Dr. Sirota's 30 years of experience speaks for itself.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Jonathan Sirota,
Since 1990 I have been a Certified independent Chiropractic Sports Physician. I’m different than any Chiropractor you may have used. I am a gifted and highly experienced Chiropractor. One visit with me and you will fully understand and agree. Over the years, I have improved and developed my own specific techniques now used in the field widely. I focus on fixing your problem, not seeing you come to me forever with the same issues. In as little as 3 office visits most patients are amazed at how much improvement they’ve received. I genuinely love and am extremely passionate about finding out the real underlying cause of what’s wrong with you, and then implementing a fix. Results that are almost immediate are what make me very excited and you will be too. Maintenance care is also offered for those who are in great condition, athletes, and those who take care of themselves routinely. I look forward to meeting you soon! Call/Text 917.763.4141 anytime.

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I walked in on Saturday morning hunched over and in pain......after Dr. Jon's adjustment, I left standing straight, and able to enjoy the rest of my weekend with my kids. Thanks again Dr. Jon. JJHread more
Joseph Heinlein
Joseph Heinlein
22:49 15 Jan 18
I've been a patient of Dr. Sirota for about 5 yrs. now and I have to say he's great. I came to him at a time where I didn't know what else to do and when this was my last hope to getting better and actually having my life back. I was desperate, scared, tired, and pretty hopeless at that point. I suffered from cervical stynosis, herniated lumbar disks, and cronic severe migraines. The first visit with him changed all of that. It was amazing and unbelievable. The release I experienced literally put me in a crying fit. Today I'm feeling great, strong, happy and more importantly medication free. Besides all of this he's a very caring person. He actually listens attentively to what you're saying when you explain what you're going through and he knows exactly how to correct that. All in all he's great. read more
Yazmin Escudero
Yazmin Escudero
18:59 09 Aug 16
Took my 88 year old mom and she felt soo much better! ... He has great hands...
Carmelo Vitello
Carmelo Vitello
23:38 28 Apr 16
Doctor Jon applied sonogram, laser and massage to a pulled muscle. He also showed me an exercise I could do to improve more
Edward Swaby
Edward Swaby
15:41 11 Feb 16
Dr. Sirota is a miracle worker. I went to 3 other people who called themselves "chiropractors" who only treated my symptoms, basically stole my money, and made me feel like an idiot. Dr. Sirota in 5 minutes looked at my posture, back, and feet, and was able to find the REAL cause of my back pain with ease, and explained everything going on in extreme detail that anyone could understand. He is unparalleled in ability, results, and personality. Every visit to Dr. Sirota is looked forward to and successful. Because of Dr. Sirota I can finally go back to the gym and play sports after a year of pain related leave, I feel great now after seeing him! If you're reading reviews for chiropractors because you are looking for one yourself or for a loved one, then you pick up the phone RIGHT NOW, and give this man a call. If you don't seek this man's help you are wasting your time and money. NOBODY and I mean nobody can do what he does. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment read more
Clayton T. C. White
Clayton T. C. White
16:07 09 Feb 15
I walked into Dr. Sirota's office and found the environment warm and professional. He took ample time to learn about my physical activities and hobbies and how these activities tie to my desire to feel better. He was very professional and spent time reviewing my symptoms and adjusting my neck, spine and lower back accordingly. I am feeling better already and definitely recommend working with Dr. Sirota. read more
Steven Crabbe
Steven Crabbe
22:51 07 Feb 15
I highly recommend Dr. Jon. I've been seeing him for about six months now, and he has helped me immensely with ongoing shoulder pain. My sleep has improved and I'm no longer in pain at my desk during the day. Not only have his chiropractic corrections helped a lot, but he also has given me a lot of information on lifestyle habits and diet that have improved my health in general. read more
Charlotte Stokes
Charlotte Stokes
20:07 02 Feb 15

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